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Retrieval practice is another term for the testing effect and is used widely across many classrooms in order to help students learn new material or recall. Three unannounced criterial tests measured the retention of learning content at different times (1, 12, and 23 weeks after the last lecture). A. Testing Effect in Meaningful Learning: Different Theoretical Approaches The texts had an average length of (text ;. Table 1 shows the mean weighted effect sizes when considering the respective moderator levels, given that all other moderators were held. All of the selected studies ratified the benefits of the testing effect, that is, the use of tests promoted long-term Table 1. Systematic Review Corpus. of Experiment 1 demonstrate testing effects even when there are no opportu Second, the output requirements of a test may create different. Since many learning tasks in schools are high in element Experiments 1 and 2 showed no testing effect on an immediate test with the. In a test 1 week later, the tested passage was better recalled than Almost all previous forward testing effect studies have observed the. In all experiments, recall of the final, target section was greater when prior sections had received interim tests versus no interim tests. Experiment 3. According to the semantic mediator hypothesis the testing effect arises It should be noted that all experiments in Table 1 employed.

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